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About Us

The UC Berkeley-UMD Risk, Resilience, and Culture Lab studies how school members (e.g., students, teachers, parents, community members) interact with their living contexts (e.g., classroom, school, family, community, culture) to find their resilience in the face of a variety of risk factors in school settings and beyond, such as bullying, cyberbullying, peer victimization, teacher burnout, and mental health challenges. 


Grounded in the social-ecological framework, we conducted school-based research using the multi-level and multi-informant approach to understand the functions of malleable factors  (i.e., school climate, social-emotional learning, school-wide practice) that could be targeted in school-based prevention and intervention and to promote the wellbeing and engagement of all school members.


Embracing the profound influence of culture in shaping the development of resilience and risks, we conduct risk and resilience research on cross-cultural and multi-cultural issues to inform culturally sensitive practices supporting children and families from diverse cultural, linguistic, and social-economic backgrounds.

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