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Notice to Applicants for the Ph.D. Program in School Psychology

It is an exciting time in the field of school psychology. The roles and functions of school psychologists have evolved dramatically and expanded from the traditional assessment to the comprehensive delivery of educational and mental health services in schools. A school psychologist is a crucial team member and leader in developing and implementing school-based prevention and intervention to (a) identify, assess, and counterbalance the risk and adversity faced by school and its individual members (e.g., students, parents, teachers), (b) promote the resilience of individuals and the school system, (c) address the rapidly growing needs of children and families from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Through applied research and school-based fieldwork, Dr. Yang works actively with her graduate students to understand the interactive functions of risk, resilience, and cultural factors in the school context to inform the best practices in school psychology. 

Dr. Yang may accept doctoral students in school psychology for Fall 2024 at the University of Maryland, College Park. Applicants with interest in risk and resilience research, bullying and school violence prevention and intervention, social-emotional learning, working with culturally and linguistically diverse students, and bridging the gap between research and practice in school psychology are encouraged to apply. Please feel free to contact Dr. Yang directly (email: if you have any specific questions.

Join Us as a Research Assistant 

 We are currently NOT accepting RAs. Please revisit after the winter break for potential opportunities.

Research assistant responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following: participant recruitment, literature review, data entry, and analysis. Research assistants will receive training in survey design, interview/assessment skills, data analysis, conference presentations, and cross-cultural psychology research methods. The position is ideal for students who are interested in pursuing graduate training in school psychology, child clinical psychology, educational psychology, developmental psychology, and other social science disciplines. 

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