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Funding Source: UCSB Academic Senate Research Grant (2018-2019)


This project focuses on understanding the racial/ethnic differences of parent perceived family-school engagement and their awareness about their children's bullying victimization risks. It also examines the racial/ethnic differences of the linkage between family-school communication and student bullying victimization. The aim of the project is to help parents and educators develop culturally sensitive strategies promoting family-school engagement and reducing bullying and victimization.

Recent Publications

Yang, C., Sharkey, J. D., Chen, C., & Jimerson, S. (2019). Teacher–home communication and bullying victimization: Do parents’ perceptions of fairness of rules matter?. School psychology review, 48(3), 251-266.

Chen, C. *, Wang, K. *, Yang, C. (2018, July). Association between Teacher-Home Communication and Bullying Victimization: Perspectives from Asian American Parents. Poster presented at the Asian American Psychological Association 2018 Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA. 

Yang, C., & Chen, C.*(2018, July). Resilience to bullying victimization: Moderating role of parents’ perceptions of school climate. Poster presented at the 2018 Annual Convention of American Psychological Association, San Francisco. 

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