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2023 APA Conference in DC

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

The RRC lab members participated in the 2023 APA Annual Conference in Washington, DC, and brought back exciting updates:

1) Chunyan and Jin Hyung commanded the spotlight during the Feature Stage Program and Impact Stage Program, respectively.

2) Quennie and Jin Hyung were acknowledged for their significant contributions with a Division 16 Blue Ribbon Student Poster Award. Moreover, Quennie received both a WPS student poster award and an APAGS award.

3) Past and present RRC lab members came together at the APA.

Stay tuned for Jin Hyung and Chunyan's videos, which will be shared once posted by APA. In the meantime, here are some pictures capturing those special moments.

Talented doctoral students Quennie and Jin Hyung secured prizes, and here are a few pictures to showcase the moment:

Last but not least, our present lab members had the opportunity to meet Dr. Yang's former advisees in person: Chun Chen, who holds a faculty position at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Dr. Mei-Ki Maggie Chan, who is now a faculty member at Utah State University.

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